Brest.. Opening of the high-level segment of the "One Ocean" summit with the participation of Morocco

Photo de Chef d'Etats et de Gouvernement - One Ocean Summit - Brest, FRANCE.jpg

The high-level segment of the first international ocean summit "the One Ocean Summit", aimed at mobilizing the international community for ocean conservation, was inaugurated Friday morning in Brest, northwestern France, with the participation of Morocco.

The Head of Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, who is leading a high-level delegation, represented the Kingdom at the three-day international event, which kicked off on Wednesday.

Mr. Akhannouch was greeted upon arrival at the site by French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron.

The head of government participated in this high-level segment of the summit, which he attended in person, virtually or by video messages, by about thirty heads of state and government, in addition to heads of UN and international organizations, including UN Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres and UNESCO Director-General Ms. Audrey Azoulay.

The "One Ocean" summit, organized from 9 to 11 February, at the initiative of France within the framework of its presidency of the Council of the European Union, and in cooperation with the United Nations, aims to give "strong political momentum" to the European and international agenda on sea issues, in particular for the success of multilateral negotiations on the ocean, and the preparation for the United Nations Ocean Conference, scheduled to be held at the end of June 2022 in Lisbon.

Since Wednesday, some 400 experts, NGOs, and political leaders from around the world have been studying issues critical to the conservation of the seas and oceans.

According to the organizers, the summit will allow for the exchange of knowledge and the convergence of views, in particular through the integration of climate change, in order to better anticipate ocean crises, as well as technological, scientific, and environmental transformations.

The summit will conclude with an ambitious commitment to protect the oceans.