Mr. Akhannouch: The difficulties experienced by enterprises and the working class require a holistic perspective that injects social dialogue with a new breath


The Head of Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch said Monday in Rabat that the difficulties experienced by national enterprises and the working class, despite government initiatives and bold public decisions taken under royal directives to alleviate them, require a holistic perspective that injects social dialogue with a new breath.
In a speech on the occasion of the opening of the Sixth International Parliamentary Forum on Social Justice, Mr. Akhannouch said that "the magnitude of the difficulties experienced by national enterprises and the working class due to the Covid-19 virus, the scarcity of rainfall and the high prices of raw materials, despite government initiatives and bold public decisions taken under royal directives to alleviate these difficulties, requires a holistic perspective that injects social dialogue with a new breath."

He explained that this perspective is based on cooperation, partnership and realism to reach the best formulas to address the social inequality gap and reduce it to the greatest extent possible. In this regard, the Head of Government said that the changes taking place in the labor market across several countries in the world, the tension in labor relations, the high unemployment rate and other social dilemmas are among the challenges that should be faced, which calls for measures to promote social dialogue and modernize its mechanisms and contents.

In the same context, Mr. Akhannouch stressed that the promotion of social dialogue has now become a common challenge for all, "We have before us heavy social files that have been stagnating for years, especially those related to the completion of the download of the constitutional document contracted by Moroccans, which today need a lot of boldness and realism", especially the organic law on strikes, in addition to files related to the download of the social protection system and social register, health coverage, the legal package related to categories of employees in some sectors, and measures. Legislation necessary for the development of the labor system and collective agreements.
He pointed out that the required reforms regarding the pension system remain one of the most important files that require a unified national vision, stressing that "the government will have the necessary political courage and will spare no effort to reach a consensual vision, with the various social partners, capable of finding realistic, serious and sustainable solutions to the problems facing the various pension systems ."
In this regard, Mr. Akhannouch said that "these social files require, in addition to institutionalizing social dialogue in terms of its organization, management, development of its contents and ensuring its continuity and regularity within the local, sectoral and territorial spheres, the primacy of the language of reason, logic and objectivity, and the dominance of the public interest over private and factional interests, and before that the existence of sincere intention and belief in dialogue as the only and only method of creating solutions ."

The head of government stressed that the new political climate witnessed by the Kingdom due to the rapid development dynamic led by His Majesty the King, and the outcomes of the long and multi-pronged electoral process, will undoubtedly create the appropriate ground for a new generation of responsible dialogue and constructive consensus between the various parties concerned, after a careful and comprehensive study of the economic and social conditions, pointing out that this political context "puts social dialogue in an appropriate position, to be the best mechanism and perhaps the only mechanism to address the various social issues facing us, especially In this exceptional circumstance imposed by the repercussions of the Corona virus and the scarcity of precipitation, and the crystallization of social options that are in line with national priorities."

He added that the epidemiological context that has swept the world recently, and its economic, social and psychological effects on all countries of the world, constituted a favorable opportunity to redefine the position of the "social dimension of public interventions" as a guarantor of national balances due to the role it can play in terms of human development goals, by controlling the economy, protecting the most affected groups, and leading choices and alternatives with a strategic dimension.
The head of government pointed out that the government program for the period 2021/2026 included a rich package of measures that would consolidate the basic dimensions of the concept of the "social state", as a new approach to public management that places the Moroccan citizen at the heart of policies and programs and their main engine, and seeks to address poverty and fragility, reduce social and territorial disparities, and consolidate human dignity.
Mr. Akhannouch concluded that the government today has a firm conviction that will lead its work to produce alternatives and choices with an advanced social psyche that respond to the stakes and aspirations of citizens and go in the direction of improving the technical and institutional effectiveness of policies and reviving their governance, as a key entry point to stimulate national economic recovery and achieve more social justice.