Speech of the Head of Government on the occasion of the official launch of the new digital services of the Ministry of Justice


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions

 At the outset, I am pleased to express my happiness to attend this meeting, which comes within the framework of the Ministry of Justice's endeavors to engage in the process of digital transformation that our country is witnessing, by popularizing digital services and simplifying administrative procedures and procedures for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the justice sector, knowing that these workshops fall within the framework of the priorities of government work, believing that digitizing the administration is an essential means to achieve effectiveness, transparency and enhance trust between the administration and the citizen.

The pandemic has imposed a set of challenges on us, and because we are convinced to turn every crisis into an opportunity, we have bet on this government, from the beginning, on creating a digital revolution within the various public administrations. From this conviction came the idea of creating a ministry delegated to the head of government in charge of digital transition and administrative reform, in order to develop plans and strategies to provide a range of services remotely, whether in public administrations or in various other sectors, whether public or private. 
In accordance with the High Royal Directives, especially contained in His Majesty's message to the participants in the National Civil Service Forum in Skhirat in February 2018, and in line with the objectives of the new development model and the commitments of the government program 2021-2026, the Moroccan government has made the reform and digitization of public administration the cornerstone of any administrative, economic and social reform to advance development and provide the best services, by making the administration effective and in the service of the citizen, by bringing it closer to the beneficiaries and improving its services by accelerating the pace of transformation Digital.
This initiative of the Ministry of Justice is a welcome step to implement our vision in the government with regard to digital transition, and translate it into reality, which would contribute to achieving the digital transformation we seek and crystallize a qualitative leap in the administrative life of the facility, to reduce all the burdens and hardships that the citizen may bear, including transportation, expenses, waste of time, difficulty and complexity of procedures.
 Therefore, I take this opportunity to appreciate your initiative at the Ministry of Justice to provide a range of digital services to citizens, such as the national reference for justice personnel, the criminal record, the "Nidae" center, and electronic violations.
I also reaffirm our determination in the government to strive and accelerate the digital transition that we all aspire to, so that the royal will, and popular aspirations related to this important workshop are realized.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.