The Head of Government's Statement on HM the King's Speech on Green March Anniversary

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The speech delivered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, and endorsed on Saturday, November 6, on the occasion of the forty-sixth anniversary of the Green March, was characterized, as usual, by clarity, frankness and rigor, as well as by a positive spirit and a move towards the future. 

The royal speech put dots on the letters regarding the developments in the file of our territorial integrity, while assuring those who needed to confirm that Morocco is not negotiating over the Moroccan Sovereignty  of the Sahara, but in search of a solution to this artificial conflict.
Over time, this process will gain more support and endorsement at the international level. 

His Majesty the King recalled the important diplomatic gains achieved and stressed that this dynamic will not stop. 

His Majesty the King touched on the development process in the Moroccan Sahara and the development achievements of the southern provinces, which have been reflected in the daily lives of their inhabitants. 
Of course, as His Majesty the King said, this has been achieved thanks to sincere international partners and a Moroccan national private sector that is doing everything possible to contribute to this development and to make the southern provinces a real pole for attracting investment and economic development. 

In addition to all this, it is necessary to address the message sent by Moroccan citizens in our Saharan provinces during the electoral elections of September 8, 2021, which was reflected in the record participation rate in the three regions.
This in itself is a sufficient response to the opponents of our territorial integrity and settles the debate about the legitimate representatives of citizens in the Saharan provinces away from the slanders of opponents and enemies.
Morocco is a responsible country, respects its international obligations, upholds peace, and pursues diplomatic routes to defend its Sahara.

I would like to recall His Majesty the King's wishes for prosperity and stability for the peoples of the Maghreb, a strong message that confirms Morocco's keenness and His Majesty's keenness on the unity of the peoples of the region and the development and advancement of their conditions.