COVID-19.. Meeting in Rabat with representatives of local authorities on the completion of the vaccination process


Today, Friday, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, a meeting was held with representatives of territorial communities, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of completing the vaccination path, especially the third booster dose, in combating the spread of the Corona epidemic. The meeting was attended by The Head of Government, Mr. Aziz Akhannouch, Interior Minister, Mr. Abdelouafi Laftit, Minister of Health and Social Protection Mr. Khalid Ait Taleb, President of the Association of Moroccan Regions Ms. Mbarka Bouaida, President of the Moroccan Association of Presidents of Prefectural and Regional Councils, Mr. Abdelaziz Darouich, and a number of presidents of communal councils.

This meeting was an opportunity to praise the success of the measures taken by the Moroccan authorities to combat the spread of the coronavirus, as well as to highlight the role of representatives of local authorities in sensitizing citizens to the importance of vaccination as the only solution to achieve herd immunity for the gradual return to normal life. In a statement to the press after this meeting, Mr. Akhannouch stressed the importance of the involvement of local communities in sensitizing the population to the importance of vaccination against (Covid-19) and completing its path with the third booster dose in order to protect the health of citizens and achieve immunity. Collectivity to resume economic activities at a normal pace and achieve economic and social development.

In this regard, he stressed the role of elected officials of local authorities in educating citizens about the importance of adhering to the health measures taken by the public authorities, especially the demand for vaccination, in order to immunize the Kingdom and the health of citizens, noting that the vaccine has confirmed its effectiveness significantly in reducing the number of deaths due to infection with the virus.

For their part, representatives of the territorial communities highlighted in statements to the press that this meeting falls within the framework of collective mobilization for the success of the vaccination campaign against Corona, especially to raise awareness of the importance of completing the vaccination path with the third booster dose in order to achieve collective immunity that will allow a gradual return to normal life.

In this context, they expressed their full engagement, as the elected proximity, in raising the pace of sensitizing citizens and mobilizing them at the local and regional levels in order to demand for vaccination, noting the Kingdom's achievements in combating the pandemic.

This meeting follows a series of meetings held by Mr. Aziz Akhannouch with the heads of political parties represented in Parliament, the President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), general secretaries and human resources managers in various ministerial sectors and public institutions, to discuss the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom, and to raise awareness of the need to accompany the government's recent decision to open airspace to international flights to and from Morocco, with measures and measures commensurate with the magnitude of the challenges, to preserve the gains.